Cardinal Health Essential Insights

This site was designed while working at Cardinal Health.

Project objective

Essential Insights is a section of dedicated to thought leadership content. In 2016, a nationwide campaign in support of Essential Insights was announced so a full assessment and redesign of this section of the website was initiated. Improving visibility into the types of audiences who are viewing the content, increasing the traffic to article content, and raising the conversion rate of the newsletter signup were among the highest priorities of the project.

Analytics review

Understanding and assessing the behavior of users who were visiting this section of the website was integral to guiding us down the correct path of exploration. We had data from the previous two years which showed only 60% that users who visited the Essential Insights homepage were reaching article content. When users reached article content, we saw poor time-on-page, sub .5% newsletter sign-up conversion rates, and low referral rates to other content within

Competitor audit

Our audit included both direct competitors within our industry and as well as best-in-class thought leadership websites from other global companies. The output of this audit gave us high-level direction which helped to shape the new visual structure and content hierarchy for the website.

User flow

The majority of users who come to are anonymous. In order to help us deliver a more targeted experience for the user, we developed a content filter on the homepage of Essential Insights which narrows the set of articles to the audience of their choosing. Our user flow was integral in showing touchpoint opportunities like this with our users. From this we could understand with whom we could enage targeted marketing and when.

User flow



Wireframes and design

Our primary goals for the redesign were to increase traffic to article level content and improve the conversion rate of the Essential Insights newsletter subscription form. Creating a more deliberate visual hierarchy for the article summaries focused users attention to a single location on the homepage and moved them in a “Z” eye scanning pattern through the layout. A simplified treatment for the images and text reduced visual noise and allowed users to focus on the calls-to-action. To improve conversions on the homepage, we duplicated the newsletter subscription form, elevated one of the forms to the middle of the page and developed a better value proposition to accompany the subscription call-to-action.




increase in form conversion rate


increase in users visiting the homepage and then an article

Desktop mockups


Mobile mockups